The power of D&B’s global data coverage and the insight of D&B’s corporate linkage in a single service

Search and segment D&B’s global database to obtain information on individual businesses or identify members of corporate families or market segments.


Finance professionals; now you can:

  • Verify the existence and background of any business, anywhere in the world, quickly and easily
  • Assess the size, length of trading and executives of any business before taking a risk decision
  • Understand the corporate family structure of any of your clients, prospects or suppliers to obtain a complete picture of your overall exposure
  • Identify businesses trading from the same address to gain better insight and understand hidden risk when taking your decision


Sales & Marketing professionals; now you can:

  • Assess opportunities in any market sector in any country, or group of countries
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns and build prospect databases by country, by sector or both
  • Identify sales opportunities with other corporate family members of existing clients
  • Align your sales resource around those client groups with the highest potential


Supply Management professionals; now you can:

  • Assess your total spend across different members of the same corporate family, improving your negotiating position
  • Understand your dependence upon different members of the same corporate family letting you manage sources to reduce risk of supply interruption
  • Identify suppliers with a high dependence upon your business


Which businesses will you find on Global Reference Solution?

GRS offers easy access to information about every business on D&B’s global database - over 195 million and growing - the largest source of business information in the world. From the smallest business with just a single employee through to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. with well over 1,000,000 staff, they are all on Global Reference Solution.

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